A picture's worth a thousand words, so consider this image an open letter. Here, my flat-chested, penis-less body is simultaneously dichotomized and united with my friend's, Myles Loftin and Quil Lemons, cisgender bodies. We rest, side by side, in confidence. On the mantel above us sits a jar of my testosterone shots and a packer-two objects allowing my body to appear more like theirs. The testosterone that now flows through my veins has shifted my physical appearance to be more stereotypically masculine. The packer grants my lower body the appearance of a cisgender male. My arm is outstretched, squeezing the a cord connected to the camera, snapping the photo. Let me remind you, bodies like mine and of all kinds do not exist to be fetish ized. We are not objects of sexual gratification - we are human with voices, stories, and histories of our own. It is possible for me to sit here, at ease, with two, loving cisgender men that I am honored to call my close friends. Take note of the mutual respect we all have for each other. And please, learn from it. Bodies of any gender, age, color, or sexuality can exist in harmony regardless of our differences.

Medium Format Film