How To Do The Right Thing


Oil on Canvas

How To Do The Right Thing

Binaries are how we structure our language, our life, our choices, and identities.

Therefore, the symbol of morality comes at no surprise.

A balance between two weights:

What is right and what is wrong.

If only this framework sufficed for our multidimensional reality.

I often feel we are all sitting at a round table, doing our best to simply do what is right in our own rights.

Our own definitions of ethics.

Yet, some people are playing poker while others are unaware.

For many have even given up, the color drained from them; their hope lost.

I can’t objectively claim to know what is right.

Yet, I can conclude:

We should be uplifting the choices that are the least harmful to us as a people and as an individual.

How do you decide what is right?