I’m Glad I Met You At This Age


My girlfriend MaryV and I don’t believe in small talk.

Time is fragile and sacred — why waste it on talking just to talk?

We strive to explore what makes us feel uncomfortable or confused; together we break the barriers around what is deemed socially acceptable to talk about.

Our deep conversations constantly push the boundaries of our own relationship.

I took it upon myself to capture one of these conversations on film.

In order to maintain the authenticity of the conversation, I asked each question in a specific order to evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia.  This enabled MaryV’s answers to come from a peaceful place of mind; one where the emotions that surfaced overpowered the performative instinct that often takes over when one knows they are being filmed.

Throughout filming, I felt myself succumb to my own layout, as I lost myself in our conversation. I had to continuously remind myself to hold the camera steady and not fall into her eyes.

This film is simply transparent love and honesty.
The questions address the dominant emotional topics in our lives at 19 years old, such as love, how my deafness affects our relationship, and growing old.

In its silent moments, the film forces the viewer into my perspective. I had taken out my cochlear implants at times and wanted to accurately relay how I experienced this conversation.

To MaryV, I’m glad we met at this age, too. I love you, always.