Metaphor Series


I’ve always been drawn to metaphors.

Now, I understand why.

It’s official definition establishes it as a literary device, which draws imaginary comparisons between two unlike things.

Two “unlike” things.

Metaphors refuse to acknowledge the boundaries within common categorization.

The hierarchy of characteristics.
And, instead, they show us how similar “unlike” things truly are.

I grew up dreaming within metaphors.

From my girlhood —> boyhood

From my disability —> ability

From religious —> not religious

From enough —> not enough

Drawing, not imaginary, but real connections between qualities, not definitions.

As a nod to my metaphorical dreams, I have begun a collage series focusing on the words that are most often used to establish a metaphor.

This is the second.

Smoke, 2020
Paper and glue
5.5 x 5.5”

Blue, 2020
Paper and glue

Water, 2020
Paper, Glue
9 x 11.5”