Oil on Canvas

The past few months, I have been living in my Pennsylvania hometown during quarantine.To return here was to return to a house full of triggers.

As always, I zoned into art to keep me afloat.This painting was not planned; my art rarely is.I just let myself go, painting as a stream of consciousness.

Only now, upon its completion, have I realized the purpose of this piece.The top half of the painting symbolizes the physical entrapment I felt within my old house.

Homes with people stuck inside and an infinite front lawn line the top. In the center, a mint house sits on a figure’s face, keeping them from leaving.

The bottom half depicts the state of my mental health as emotions and thoughts clash upon constantly being triggered.That same figure’s hand descends into a ring.

Bodies splay out, falling, punching, or watching as outsiders.

This piece is about rewiring.Rewiring the triggers and traumatic memories I have faced growing up and learning to deal with them in a healthy way by unpacking and educating myself on the discrimination I experienced.

I have decided to title the painting exactly that:Rewiring.