This Moment in Time

November 2019

Acrylic on Canvas
36” x 72”

MaryV, the person I am in love with, is the focal point of the piece, tying together all the chaos around her. In my life, I translate this literally. She is my anchor, my constant.

Her confident stance while fully nude within the domestic setting represents the confidence I see in her when we are alone.

It is also representational of how we define our safe spaces, typically shedding all our clothing off within them.

This phrase is always sexualized, but MaryV and I do not see it one way.

It is a powerful act for us to be nude without sexual expectations.

I have illustrated her figure in blue, fitting in my mind; it is the color I most like to see in the world.

To fill the house surrounding her, I scattered significant objects throughout the painting. Each one highlighting “this moment in time” in a different way.

Since I have fallen in love with her, my life has collided into MaryV’s. Because of this, some objects are part of my story, some are part of hers.

On the left hangs a framed portrait of MaryV’s mother, Myrna Cossich, when she was younger.

Myrna is a light in both MaryV and my life. She is a powerful woman and role model for us both. It has been an honor to witness the love a mother can have for their kid through MaryV’s relationship with her mom.

It places Myrna behind MaryV as she truly is, every day.

The orange tiles on the floor, creating the foundation of the painting, are filled with the American Sign Language symbol: “I love you.” This deep love holds us both up.

On the table to the right lies my two cochlear implants, a golden dildo, and a jar of discarded testosterone needles.

I have the choice of wearing my cochlear implants every day, allowing me to choose when I want to hear sound.

I am continuously navigating my Deaf identity because of the continuum it exists on.

The golden dildo is a symbol of my queerness, shaping my existence and experiences in this world.

The jar of used testosterone needles clearly indicate my experience on testosterone through injections.

I hope viewers of this piece are able to feel the comfort of safe spaces, acceptance through authenticity, and the deep love that can exist within our world.

This is my every day.

It is this moment in time.